Creative Communications with a Bite.

We’ll tell your story in a way that is sure to leave a mark. Whether you want to launch, grow, develop, modernise or stay in the game, we’ll help you communicate in an effective and meaningful way and find the audiences you wish to reach. 

Wolfcom is a creative PR boutique with knowledge and expertise of a larger agency.  


Our Customer Cases

We work independently, as part of the client’s own team, or within the domestic or international partner network, serving various organizations from small and medium-sized enterprises to global corporations and public entities. Here are a few examples of our recent assignments. 

Our expertise

Creative ideas prompt thoughts and discussion, shape perceptions and increase awareness of your company while supporting sales. The starting point for an idea does not have to be a specific channel or format. Instead, a creative concept can involve elements of media communication, influencer marketing, social media and advertising in a combination that supports the objectives.  


Thanks to our network-based approach, we can collaborate flexibly with your marketing and communications team or existing partner network of advertising and communications agencies – or create a new network using our own graphic design, visual communication and technology partners.

Communication is an important part of marketing, sales and management. Together, we can outline a communication strategy that will help you stay on course while working to meet your business objectives. The strategy will then be used for creating messages, choosing target groups and managing communication tactics and indicators. As a result of the strategy work, you will have a clear brand story and core messages as well as long-term communication objectives and an action plan with related schedules and indicators.  

Regardless of whether your company is at the beginning of its growth path, at the peak of its success or somewhere in between, we will get you closer to achieving your business objectives with communication. We will help you make your brand story clear, meaningful and interesting as well as help you shape your business image, find topics relevant to your target audience and network with new stakeholders and partners. We will communicate on results, acquisitions and financial matters in a professional and precise manner.  

To be successful, every company needs a strong brand. We will help you create clear brand messages, distinctive communication concepts and campaigns with the greatest impact. We will also engage in brand communication and generate effective launch campaigns that appeal to your company’s most devoted fans while helping you find new target groups for your products and services. 

Whether web, print or podcast is your channel of choice, we will help you create content that will appeal to your target group. We also have a network of visual communication professionals to produce high-quality videos, photos and layouts. If you want, we can coordinate the entire process from idea to finished product. 

Want to get your message through and maximise your organisation’s media attention? Earned media will help you increase awareness of your organisation in an effective and credible way.  We will help you produce interesting topics of discussion and clarify your message, and we will also train your company’s spokespersons to ensure that all encounters with the media go as planned. In addition, we will organise memorable virtual, face-to-face and hybrid events for the media and influencers as well as take care of PR packages, sample distribution and showroom services. 

At best, influencer communication and social media coverage can be profitable long-term collaboration that benefits all parties. We will help you find social-media influencers whose values align with yours and who are genuinely excited about your product. Moreover, we will help you develop concepts and forms of collaboration that will appeal to your followers. Collaboration will always be indicated openly and clearly to the company, influencer and followers.

The aim of expert communication can be influencing or changing the general opinion, highlighting expertise in traditional and social media or, for example, supporting purchase decisions with information. We will turn facts and researched information into clear and easily understandable summaries and help you find the right channels and forums for reaching your target audience. Sometimes the best way to convey complex concepts is expressing them in a simple image, which is something the visualisation professionals in our network can do to support your message. i.

The aim of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) communication is to influence social, ethical, financial and environmental matters that are important to your company, as well as to activate people and change the world for the better. We will help you with the clarification of your organisation’s CSR themes and messages and the related format design and content creation. Furthermore, we will help you make your CSR messages a natural part of your overall communication.   

Open, consistent and continuous communication is the key to good management and a successful corporate culture. Although every community and culture is unique, our practical management experience and communication expertise help us relate to your company’s situation. We will help you clarify the messages supporting your company’s objectives and strategy and establish channels for inclusive and engaging workplace communication

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