Tapio Lehtinen Sailing

For the past five years, Wolfcom has helped sailor Tapio Lehtinen and his team tell their story and increase awareness of the sport. And there sure have been stories to tell – the experienced seafarer, who has sailed around the world with thousands of barnacles stuck to the bottom of his boat and been in distress at sea, has made sure of that.

Participating in the setback-ridden Golden Globe Race 2018, a yacht race around the world, made Lehtinen a legend of the sport, followed by media and rooted for by the whole nation. Strategic communication provided the opportunity to negotiate sponsorship deals and helped Lehtinen realise his dream. 

Even though the stamina-requiring race made Lehtinen the sixth person in the world to have sailed around the world non-stop and without modern technology, he embarked on another GGR in 2022 to improve his ranking. Unfortunately, Lehtinen’s race was cut short by him getting in distress at sea, at which point Wolfcom was needed for crisis communication between Lehtinen’s team, family and the race organiser and for conveying timely information to the media, supporters and fans.