Visit Estonia

Remake of the famed Finnish song Eesti On My Mind updated perceptions of Estonia to the 2020s and made it an attractive destination for young travellers.

Estonia is an increasingly interesting travel destination, but particularly among young Finns, the neighbouring country has not had the appeal it deserves. To tackle the challenge, Wolfcom came up with a creative idea and supporting communication strategy to update a hit song by legendary Finnish artist Juice Leskinen and with it, people’s perceptions of Estonia.

Finnish hip-hop group Teflon Brothers was selected to make a new version of the song, and shortly after its release, the song was streamed enough times to earn a gold record. The song has reached the target group in sold-out concerts and has been listened to millions of times in streaming services and social media. The music video and travel mockumentary made to support the song provided Visit Estonia with entertaining content for ensuring long-term visibility.